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I remember watching the first one back in 2004.

It's amazing that you're still doing these and was worth the wait. The quality of the animation and the visual effects are jaw dropping. They're absolute leaps and bounds ahead of what came before. This is amazing. Good job. Hope to see more in the future.


Kai is not worthless! D=

I admit he's a "HUGE TOWERING DICK" but not worthless.
(just kidding kai, you know we cool)

Also, nice demo reel bit, and congrats on daily 4th. That should compensate for the endless nightmare that you had to endure......I hope.

Bit-Master responds:

What I learned from this is the most valuable. It'll show in my next flash. :3


I really liked the fbf animations and the style. It looked like you really took your time with this.

Nice Job! :)

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Only reason i took my time with this is because i experimented a lot. Something i didn't do with past animations since i'm a lot more used to jumping into it with my usual happy-go-lucky attitude. On top of that, work and going out kicked in and ended up making me waste a couple of months before i ended up pulling the finger out and finishing what i started. It's now finished and i'm s happy i could cry.

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COOL but just one thing!

Mel Gibson as a sercret charater WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Other than that good game.

Fun game

I like the message is shows

I've been playing for hours

But I still can't catch that bloody dragon, any hints? lol

"No, Stop it Dad, you can't catch the dragon. "
"Stan how dare you turn it off, I was so close, turn it back on now, listen to me, I'M YOUR FATHER DAM IT!"


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This is great.

I love gundam wing.

I may be using this song in a flash submission, but in a while, still no where near the completion point.

I have that game

I remember that in sonic collection. The animations were sick. Now all we need is for someone to remake it in flash.

I love this song

Great work. This song's the best.

The first time i played oot i accidentally thought that the ranch was hyrule castle (being in the middle and all) and went there first. Now i made it a tradition that whenever i start a new game to go there first before the castle.

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Much Smug. Yo Smug all in my Newgrounds.

I don't really have any constructive feedback right now...although I should cause newgrounds be like that, just wanted to say "nice" to your first post. Keep at it. 3 more posts away from being scouted to appear in the art portal. More info: https://ornery.newgrounds.com/news/post/388624

Ted is love!

Self proclaimed artist and animator who likes animating and storytelling.

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