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Posted by Griffinflash - June 8th, 2019

Had to quickly update my demo reel over the weekend for something that just popped up randomly. Don't really expect much to come out of it but would also be cool if things worked out. If not, oh well.

Anyways felt like sharing. (Also since I rarely post on newgrounds and any excuse to post is good)

This isn't my final reel for the year, so ill probably update it again in a month or two as a less "professional one" (if you can call this professional) that is longer and showcases more work and wacky music just for fun. Had to trim out a lot of content to keep this one short (Well I tried to keep it short).






Posted by Griffinflash - May 8th, 2019

Since I only post art every once and a while and rarely....man so rarely, post animation, thought I would leave a few social media links to catch stuff I make that I upload elsewhere, either cause it's school related, a short loop, rough/unfinished, or just in my opinion, not animation or art portal worthy.

(Maybe I could clean up one of the stuff there and upload it here, I dunno)

So here are a few links to my more active areas on the internet....for all those people who follow me...you know...like the 5 active people...who may see....who probably are already aware of these links.



Uh...I dunno what else to say not make this a complete waste of time...

here, have a picture of an elephant with a balloon!




Posted by Griffinflash - January 13th, 2019

So just posting for the fun of it and to say hello to anyone who may possibly come across this. I havent been active in years in terms of animation, but I have been drawing more, so catch some work in my gallery. Here's a random demo reel to fill in the gaps.




Posted by Griffinflash - April 2nd, 2010

A nice april fools pranks created by the members of Sonic Paradox. We initially labeled it as sonic shorts vol.6. This pissed off a lot of peoples. That was the reaction we wanted. An April fools well done. Click on the link to watch the newly titled, "Sonic Sh*ts Collab".


lots of people were angry. Also this is NSFW....and on newgrounds.


P.S: Holy shit I haven't posted anything here in years! 0_0


Posted by Griffinflash - July 18th, 2008

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Coming this halloween, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA DEKU TREE'S CURSE. Here is a little preview I made.

Still working on part 2, the major problem with that, I am a lazy bastard. Don't worry, I will finish it. Part 1 is done at least, just need to get a few of my buddies over to help me voice act.


Posted by Griffinflash - June 17th, 2008

Super Mario RPG
It is the only one just for me
When I play the game, I got lost in the phase
Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's Maze!

What do you think. Not so sure of saria's costume, I just put it their for now, lucky I haven't started working on her scene yet. Part one and two will both be out this halloween. If not at least part one will be because I finished it.

Oh and just wanted to play around with the new video embed so I put up a youtube video of P.O.C. 2 preview.

/* */


Posted by Griffinflash - April 9th, 2008

Just thought I would post something funny from Zelda: Pokemon of Courage 2.

Already over a year I've been working on this and still I'm not close to finishing. I have too much going on with school that I can't find time to just sit down and work on it, and when I do have time, I tend to sleep because I'm tired as hell. So yeah, I'm still working on this, and at the same time I'm working on Zelda: Deku Tree's curse for next halloween. I have 4 months off from university so that show give me some time to work.

I can't make any promises though, I've tried to make deadlines in the past but they keep getting pushed by more important things, such as passing in school. By doing that I'm pretty sure I let a few people down, so I'm no longer making any promises. All I can say is they will be done when they are done. For sure they will be eventually up.

Well anyway, here is a short scene from ep.2 that I just did yesterday. Link is watching a battle from a distance (the tiny dots on the screen) and is talking to navi (the pikachu) about it. Then he gets a surprise.

..................the quality is not so great, I put this little comic together in 5 minutes............................

Funny zelda/pokemon picture I'm posting because I'm bored.

Posted by Griffinflash - December 12th, 2007

NEW: I know that I promised for it to be done by christmas, but I just feel so lazy right now. I not in the mood for animating at that moment, and when I'm not in the right mood it show it in my work, like I start getting lazy and make boring scenes.

I'm also under a lot of stress because being home for the holiday I have to deal with all the noise of the t.v. full blast in the living room, my brother playing games in the other room, my sister and her dog running around the place like maniacs screaming at the top of their lungs, and many other annoyances. I can't work when their is noise and chaos, it's just irritating. If any other flash artist is reading this you may know what I mean.

But right now no one's home, so i think i'll get back to work. One last scene( I even wrote down a story board, split into 7 pictures), then credits, a bit of actionscripting, voices (Finally got voice actors, not the best, but at least something), and that's it.

Please don't be mad at me for the 3 month delay. I am really trying, it's just that random events are constantly poping up that are delaying me more an more.

:( lol.

I just posted up a preview for the second episode of my Zelda-Pokemon crossover series. It won't be done anytime soon but I thought it would be fun to show people. The quality is bad due to exporting it from flash and using an old version of movie maker, so sorry, nothing I could do. Follow the link to see it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oRN2I6 O__Y

And here's a short beta preview for another movie I'm making based off of the PSO series. I'll like to remind people that it is a beta opening movie to see how the series might work out, I did it in under 30 minutes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QRkMq6 SJTM&feature=user

And my Zelda halloween special will be up and running by christmas, I have had a lot to do recently like midterm, projects, final assignments, studying, and I have exams all this week and next. But I finally promise that it will be up during the christmas break. I originally started back in september hoping to finish by halloween, I just had too much on my plate at the time. So expect to see the christmas/halloween movie:

Zelda: Deku tree's curse-part 1, by this christmas.

Zelda Pokemon Crossover preview

Posted by Griffinflash - September 20th, 2007

Still working on a few projects, at the moment I'm working on Zelda: Pokemon of Courage Ep 2. It's going great. I've changed the animation style to look less cartoonish and a bit like an anime, it's not the best but it is better. You'll meet some new characters from the game and some you have never seen before. The plot begins to unfold as the mysteries of the Triforce are soon revealed. Will Link be a successfull Pokemon Master, and will Navi ever shut up. The answer to those will come soon, no he will not, and Navi will soon be strangled. Hope you guys enjoyed episode 1.

PS: BTW I don't still like pokemon, I just like to parody it! Just fun memories of childhood. I do like zelda though. Oot is my Fav. and there is nothing out there that can compete with it!

I am also making a halloween flash, will be very late.

The Legend of Zelda: Deku Tree's Curse.

Link experiences halloween for the first time in this action packed, horror, comedy experience. After his adventures through time, link begins to have nightmares of the deku trees death. In them he is accused of killing the deku tree. Link's new fear isn't all to worry about. When Saria decides to bring link along for halloween and explore the suposedly haunted and curse deku tree, things start to get ugly.

(BTW, I know no one reads this so why do I bother?)
(Because I care for my 0.001 veiwers that I get, lol)

Please I want comments and feedback on this, but no, "Go kill yourself", or, "You suck you retard", or anything close to that. I don't like getting those, and I hate it when I worked on an animation for a long time, put it up on newground hoping people will like it, then I get treated like crap. ( I know many people feel this way). So please.

Coming soon?